Get Paid To Write content for your client’s blog or website

The Content Authority

This is more for professional writers or at least for those with a good background in writing 

You will have to be able to 

  • Read and comprehend English 
  • Write the formal article using proper English grammar at a high school level 
  • Have the ability to do accurate research about a variety of topics dependent on the requirements of clients 
  • Be able to follow clients’ instructions as well as requirements posted by The Content Authority 
  • Be capable and willing to write articles within specified deadlines 
  • Be willing to accept critiques about your work from both clients and The Content Authority staff 

The range of pay varies from


Get paid to write Content for websites or blogs

JOB DESCRIPTION: Get Paid to become a self-employed freelancer author.  

Make sure to look for the right information regarding tax law in your country of residence. 

You get paid per word in order of quality rating starting from 0.7 cents per word for a 2-star-writer to 5.0 cents per word for a 5-star-witer. For example, a 2000-word article could earn you $14 if you are a 2-star to $100 if you are a 5 star 

LOCATION: International 

SALARY: 0.7 to 5.0 cents/word depending on your writing level skill 




If you speak English and have some experience in media and audio transcription review in the Education, Entertainment, and Business fields, this might be for you.

With crowdsurfwork.com you can get paid and make a little extra cash on the side just by typing out what you hear. And because Crowdsurf is used to working with people with different levels of experience, they will give you all the training and support you need to start making money.  

You will need a Mac or PC; an internet connection; basic typing skills; accurate English spelling, punctuation, and grammar. You will also need to be detailed oriented, pass the transcription assessment, and familiarize yourself with software.

Visit crowdsurfwork.com to start your transcriptionist journey

You will receive your payouts via PayPal.


IAPWE is hiring remote content writers worldwide to create articles and blog posts.

The rate of pay is $20 for 100 words.

Make sure to completely read the job post before applying!