Get Paid To Walk Around and Take Pictures With Your Mobile Phone

What is A Field Agent?

As a Field Agent, you will have to go round, visit different businesses and gather intelligence by taking pictures and making videos to help them improve the quality of their products and services

GigWalk is a platform that helps businesses collect data by connecting them with Field Agents. If you enjoy walking and have an eye for details, GigWalk is the platform/app for you.

What Do I Need To Start Working As A Field Agent?

You simply need to visit the GigWalk website, download the GigWalk App, and follow all the registration steps to set up your GigWalk Account. You then can choose when and where you want to work.

How Do I Get Paid? 

You will receive your payouts directly into the PayPal Account you linked to your GigWalk Account.

Register on GigWalk and start earning money around your free time!